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Nunca había conocido aquella gracia de lenguaje, aquel pudor en el vestido, aquellas posturas de paloma adormilada. Admiraba la exaltación de su alma y los encajes de su falda. By the diversity of her humour, in turn mystical or mirthful, talkative, taciturn, passionate, careless, she awakened in him a thousand desires, called up instincts or memories. She was the mistress of all the novels, the heroine of all the dramas, the vague "she" of all the volumes of verse. He found again on her shoulder the amber colouring of the "Odalisque Bathing"; she had the long waist of feudal chatelaines, and she resembled the "Pale Woman of Barcelona.

Often looking at her, it seemed to him that his soul, escaping towards her, spread like a wave about the outline of her head, and descended drawn down into the whiteness of her breast. He knelt on the ground before her, and with both elbows on her knees looked at her with a smile, his face upturned. She bent over him, and murmured, as if choking with intoxication—.

Es un cuadro muy famoso del pintor francés Ingres Este cuadro fue pintado en Lyon en Se llama también Retrato de una española.

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Figura en la portada de Madame Bovary, ed. Something so sweet comes from your eyes that helps me so much! And she did not listen for his answer in the haste of her lips that fastened to his mouth. Se ponía en el suelo delante de ella, y con los codos sobre las rodillas la contemplaba sonriendo y con la frente tensa. On the clock there was a bronze cupid, who smirked as he bent his arm beneath a golden garland.

They had laughed at it many a time, but when they had to part everything seemed serious to them. Ella se inclinaba sobre él y murmuraba como sofocada de embriaguez:. Motionless in front of each other, they kept repeating, "Till Thursday, till Thursday. Suddenly she seized his head between her hands, kissed him hurriedly on the forehead, crying, "Adieu!

Awakening. Cortometraje Danés LGBT dirigido por Christian Tafdrup

Había encima del reloj de péndulo un pequeño Cupido de bronce que hacía melindres redondeando los brazos bajo una guirnalda dorada. Muchas veces se rieron de él, pero cuando había que separarse todo les parecía serio. She went to a hairdresser's in the Rue de la Comedie to have her hair arranged. Night fell; the gas was lighted in the shop. She heard the bell at the theatre calling the mummers to the performance, and she saw, passing opposite, men with white faces and women in faded gowns going in at the stage-door. It was hot in the room, small, and too low where the stove was hissing in the midst of wigs and pomades.

The smell of the tongs, together with the greasy hands that handled her head, soon stunned her, and she dozed a little in her wrapper. Often, as he did her hair, the man offered her tickets for a masked ball. Iba a la calle de la Comedia, a una peluquería, a arreglarse sus bandós.

Llegaba la noche; encendían el gas en la tienda. Oía la campanilla del teatro que llamaba a los cómicos a la representación, y veía, enfrente, pasar hombres con la cara blanca y mujeres con vestidos ajados que entraban por la puerta de los bastidores. Then she went away. She went up the streets; reached the Croix-Rouge, put on her overshoes, that she had hidden in the morning under the seat, and sank into her place among the impatient passengers.

Some got out at the foot of the hill.

She remained alone in the carriage. At every turning all the lights of the town were seen more and more completely, making a great luminous vapour about the dim houses. Emma knelt on the cushions and her eyes wandered over the dazzling light. She sobbed; called on Leon, sent him tender words and kisses lost in the wind. Hacía calor en aquella pequeña peluquería demasiado baja, donde la estufa zumbaba en medio de las pelucas y de las pomadas. El olor de las tenacillas, con aquellas manos grasientas que le tocaban la cabeza, no tardaba en dejarla sin sentido y se quedaba un poco dormida bajo el peinador.

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A veces el chico, mientras la peinaba, le ofrecía entradas para el baile de disfraces. Después se marchaba. Algunos se apeaban al pie de la cuesta. Ella se quedaba sola en la diligencia. On the hillside a poor devil wandered about with his stick in the midst of the diligences. A mass of rags covered his shoulders, and an old staved-in beaver, turned out like a basin, hid his face; but when he took it off he discovered in the place of eyelids empty and bloody orbits. The flesh hung in red shreds, and there flowed from it liquids that congealed into green scale down to the nose, whose black nostrils sniffed convulsively.

To speak to you he threw back his head with an idiotic laugh; then his bluish eyeballs, rolling constantly, at the temples beat against the edge of the open wound. He sang a little song as he followed the carriages—. A cada vuelta se veían cada vez mejor todas las luces de la ciudad que formaban un amplio vapor luminoso por encima de bas casas amontonadas. Emma se ponía de rodillas sobre los cojines y se le perdía la mirada en aquel deslumbramiento.

Sollozaba, llamaba a León, y le enviaba palabras tiernas y besos que se perdían en el viento. And all the rest was about birds and sunshine and green leaves.

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Sometimes he appeared suddenly behind Emma, bareheaded, and she drew back with a cry. Hivert made fun of him. He would advise him to get a booth at the Saint Romain fair, or else ask him, laughing, how his young woman was. Había en la cuesta un pobre diablo que vagabundeaba con su bastón por en medio de las diligencias. La carne se deshilachaba en jirones rojos, y de allí corrían líquidos que se coagulaban en costras verdes hasta la nariz cuyas aletas negras sorbían convulsivamente. Often they had started when, with a sudden movement, his hat entered the diligence through the small window, while he clung with his other arm to the footboard, between the wheels splashing mud.

His voice, feeble at first and quavering, grew sharp; it resounded in the night like the indistinct moan of a vague distress; and through the ringing of the bells, the murmur of the trees, and the rumbling of the empty vehicle, it had a far-off sound that disturbed Emma. It went to the bottom of her soul, like a whirlwind in an abyss, and carried her away into the distances of a boundless melancholy.

But Hivert, noticing a weight behind, gave the blind man sharp cuts with his whip. The thong lashed his wounds, and he fell back into the mud with a yell. Then the passengers in the "Hirondelle" ended by falling asleep, some with open mouths, others with lowered chins, leaning against their neighbour's shoulder, or with their arm passed through the strap, oscillating regularly with the jolting of the carriage; and the reflection of the lantern swinging without, on the crupper of the wheeler; penetrating into the interior through the chocolate calico curtains, threw sanguineous shadows over all these motionless people.

Agua - Corto Gay (Sub. Español)

Emma, drunk with grief, shivered in her clothes, feeling her feet grow colder and colder, and death in her soul. Ella se apartaba con un grito.

Park of National Awakening, Praga - opiniones y fotos

Hivert venía a hacerle bromas. Con frecuencia estaban en marcha cuando su sombrero, con un movimientu brusco, entraba en la diligencia por la ventanilla, mientras él se agarraba con el otro brazo sobre el estribo entre las salpicaduras de las ruedas. Su voz, al principio débil como un vagido, se volvía aguda. Aquello le llegaba al fondo del alma como un torbellino que se precipita en el abismo y la arrastraba por los espacios de una melancolía sin límites.

Pero Hivert, que se daba cuenta de un contrapeso, largaba grandes latigazos a ciegas. La tralla le pegaba en las llagas y él caía en el fango dando un gran alarido. Charles at home was waiting for her; the "Hirondelle" was always late on Thursdays. Madame arrived at last, and scarcely kissed the child. The dinner was not ready. No matter! She excused the servant. This girl now seemed allowed to do just as she liked.

Often her husband, noting her pallor, asked if she were unwell. There were even days when she had no sooner come in than she went up to her room; and Justin, happening to be there, moved about noiselessly, quicker at helping her than the best of maids. He put the matches ready, the candlestick, a book, arranged her nightgown, turned back the bedclothes.

Por fin, llegaba la señora y apenas besaba a la niña. La cena no estaba preparada, pero no importaba, ella disculpaba a la cocinera. Ahora parecía que todo le estaba permitido a aquella chica. For he stood there, his hands hanging down and his eyes wide open, as if enmeshed in the innumerable threads of a sudden reverie. The following day was frightful, and those that came after still more unbearable, because of her impatience to once again seize her happiness; an ardent lust, inflamed by the images of past experience, and that burst forth freely on the seventh day beneath Leon's caresses.

His ardours were hidden beneath outbursts of wonder and gratitude. Emma tasted this love in a discreet, absorbed fashion, maintained it by all the artifices of her tenderness, and trembled a little lest it should be lost later on. You will marry! You will be like all the others. Then added, repulsing him with a languid movement—. One day, as they were talking philosophically of earthly disillusions, to experiment on his jealousy, or yielding, perhaps, to an over-strong need to pour out her heart, she told him that formerly, before him, she had loved someone.

Los ardores de éste se ocultaban bajo expansiones de asombro y de reconocimiento. The young man believed her, but none the less questioned her to find out what he was. Was this not preventing any inquiry, and, at the same time, assuming a higher ground through this pretended fascination exercised over a man who must have been of warlike nature and accustomed to receive homage?